Euology to the patrons at the grocery store

You need to move past me?
Oh I’m sorry. Let me move.
Let me apologize for being in your way.
Apologize for being even in existence at the grocery store… the planet… the universe.
Let me step aside for you because you forgot simple manners like to say excuse me.
Or maybe I just forgot that I simply take up too much space and am in everyone’s way all the time.Let me practically bow down to your feet in apology while you move past me wordlessly.
Excuse me to those with no common courtesy.
I am just merely standing in place at the grocery store or trying to get around someone who doesn’t have any.
I’m sorry for those things.
This confirms that I am taking up too much space.
A liquid like coffee, water, or alcohol I must simply fill up the space in which I walk which is the equivalent of a cup.
Let me plead for your forgiveness while you ease your body to where you need to go without so much as a look in my direction.
I’m sorry for being in your way while you are looking at the grocery store cans on the shelf.
I’m sorry for being myself.
I’m sorry that I am in your way.
Saying, “Excuse me” with my voice so tiny.
For a moment you look around to make sure you even heard me speak.
Like my words are in the wind.
You simply ignore my politeness and move to where you need to go.
I say “I’m sorry” when I have to move my cart in the isles for you without you so much as even acknowledging my presence in your world. You have things to do. Places to go. People to see.
I’m not one of those destinations or tasks.
Without you even having to ask I move for you.
Someone I don’t even know.
I move out of the way as though the path I stand in was paved for you.
I apologize to you for my presence at this store. In the world. Like the paths I stand in are paved for every stranger I encounter
I have no reason to be so kind.
No reason to pay you any mind.
No reason to even show politeness.
But I do.
So I’m sorry for being here.
I’m sorry for being in your way.
I’m sorry… I’ll leave, no… It’s ok.
Don’t pay me any mind.
I’ll go.
You stay.

© Donovan G. Ward


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I am attending college online with Grand Canyon University (GCU) for an English Teaching degree for Secondary Education. The first question I was asked when I made the decision to embark on this journey to be a teacher was, "Why do you want to be a teacher?" My response: "It is not for the money." Regardless, I am looking forward to being a teacher and am on this blog as part of a college course. I have written (never published) books and poetry of all kinds and have a love for writing in general. I have never done a blog before so we will see how this goes. Let's do this!

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