All The Opinions

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, has an opinion.
Spewing acid like thoughts out of their mouth.
No care as to whether that opinion was required or even asked for… No… You get to hear it. All 5 social media paragraphs using misspelled words and lack of actual information.
Oh yes, everyone, and I do mean everyone has an opinion.

I personally start to imagine their lips flapping.

Imagining a wind whipping up powerful gusts and their loose lips flail in the breeze.
Adding in the smacking sound, you know… like that of the raw flesh to flesh sounds that you hear during sex?

It’s just strange how that’s the sound their lips make.

In my mind.

Then again, my mind is all over the place.

The lip flappers saying things like, “You’re wrong!” Or, “Where did you get your facts?” All bewildered and upset with someone that they don’t know…

And they haven’t even provided any facts of their own.
It’s all like that of a bunch of kids fighting over which toy is or isn’t there’s.

Who really cares anyways?
Taking the same stairs to the same conclusion. That you don’t know shit.
When will the social media bullying quit?
When will weighted words of fires no longer be lit?

Embers burning hot enough to burn the internet house down.
When will these idiots just stop talking so I can sip my tea in silence?
Could you just… Stop talking?
The cure for the disease on endless and countless, and unnecessary opinions.
Solution: Tie hands around backs so they cannot type.
Lasso legs together so they cannot walk.
Tape mouths shut so they can no longer talk.

Tape their mouths closed so acid like thoughts cannot be spit melting my brain.
Blindfold them so they can no longer see.
Cover their ears so they cannot hear.
This is what everyone has been asking for.
Take social media away for a day and what do you get? Zombies.
Everyone, and I still do mean everyone, has an opinion.
They feel sharing it is their dominion.
That saying it would make them #winning.
Tearing everyone else down and not even hearing a word they say.
Giving all the words except laced with opinion, but not accepting any in return because it’s not theirs.

Does anyone even care?
Voicing an opinion not only to prove a point, but to cause a burn.
When will these idiots learn?
We don’t need venom out of flapping lips that still sound like that of raw flesh to flesh during sex.

Now I know that I’ve said that you are probably thinking about sex.

Which is not the point of all this.
Not all opinions are required.
Not all opinions have to contain oil and fire causing an explosion.
It isn’t necessary to cause any sort of commotion.
Just shut up.
Didn’t your mama teach you a damn thing?
Like keep your fucking opinion to yourself.
I know there isn’t an ear that wants to hear what you got coming out your mouth.
Let me be.
I just want to sit in silence and drink my fucking tea.

Does anyone even care?

I won’t anymore plea.

Everyone’s spilling their own tea.

This isn’t my mess.
I’m out.


© Donovan G. Ward


Donovan Ward from CWP View All →

I am attending college online with Grand Canyon University (GCU) for an English Teaching degree for Secondary Education. The first question I was asked when I made the decision to embark on this journey to be a teacher was, "Why do you want to be a teacher?" My response: "It is not for the money." Regardless, I am looking forward to being a teacher and am on this blog as part of a college course. I have written (never published) books and poetry of all kinds and have a love for writing in general. I have never done a blog before so we will see how this goes. Let's do this!

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