Mr. Snow White

Once upon a story you were told, they told you quite differently.

Sit down, please and listen carefully.

Really his name is Edgar.

Edgar’s hair was in fact black as you may know and skin, yes, was as white as the snow.

His skin had been pale from when he was born on a blizzarding night.

Forever that day he had been nicknamed Snow White.

That story was wrong before, in the way it was told.

This is truly how that story goes.


Snow White still lives in a far-off cottage surrounded by many trees.

Snow everywhere, as far as the eye can see.

He lived in the cottage from a little boy ever since.

Snow White was the fairest in the land, but he was indeed, not a prince.

Snow White had seven sisters that he fed and clothed every day.

For his parents were no longer with him, they both passed away.

He trudged up and down the hills toward the frozen lake,

to cut into the ice, so money he could make.

Snow White took the ice from the lake trudging through the cold,

to the people in the town for it to all be sold.

Snow White loved his seven sisters, but he grew more alone each day.

Snow White wished for someone to take him and his sisters away.

There were beautiful girls in the town that would always solicit his attention,

oh, did I forget to mention?

Snow White is gay!

Whoops, that was something that I forgot to say.


While Snow White was heading to the lake a man on a horse he saw.

When the man turned to face him, Snow White was left in awe.

A beautiful man with brown hair on his head, his face, and eyes as blue as the sky.

Something stirred within Snow White and he did not know what or why.

“I’m looking for the castle, I have business with the king.”

The man spoke with a deep voice in Snow White’s ears it did ring.

A voice with force and command.

Snow White couldn’t help, but look at the Prince’s hands.

How he wished to be held and wrapped up in arms as powerful as those.

Is it even possible? Not even Snow White knows.

Snow White opened his mouth to speak directions, not even came a sound.

He cleared his throat and finally his voice he had found.

“The castle is that way, your grace.”

Snow White looked up at that beautiful face.

He pointed west for the Prince to know,

which path to take the right way to go.

“Thank you, good sir.” The Prince said, giving him a wink.

Snow White was still in awe, the Prince now gone and his heart began to sink.

He longed for someone to come along, take him and his seven sisters away.

How can that be possible? When the prince is probably not gay.

Snow White finished the day, returned home, ate, and went to bed.

Thoughts of the prince roaming around in his dreamy little head.

Not too long after the restlessness settled and Snow White counted sheep.

He closed his eyes with his Prince on his mind and went to sleep.

Not far off the Prince awake thinking about a man.

One with black hair and skin as white as snow.

Green eyes, the color of grass, with a beautiful glow

This fairest man in all the land his name the Prince wished to know.


The next day the Prince asked all around, he asked the town, about the man as white as snow.

The Prince found a man who was willing to tell him what he wanted to know.

The man was carrying apples and was in a cloak.

He walked over to the man and the cloaked man spoke, even shifty was he.

He told the Prince of black hair, skin like snow, and eyes grass-green.

“These are the directions,” the shifty man said, “Of exactly where he’ll be. His name is Snow White and you will see what I mean.”

The Prince, for a moment to smile and think, reverted his eyes.

When he turned back around Shifty was gone, to his surprise.

The Prince looked through crowds of people, no cloak disguise did he see.

He decided “Oh well” got on his horse and on his way to his true love to be.

The Prince arrived at the cottage and only girls were in his sight.

A girl came out and told him,

“At the lake is he and isn’t back until night.”

He bade them good day and went on his way to find him before moonlight.


Snow White trudged up the mountain, toward the lake, like he did every day.

He would probably be doing this for the rest of his life, until he was old and gray.

He reached the lake and began to work when he heard a rustling in the trees.

Snow White turned around and a cloaked man did appear, with a face he could not see.

The cloak, he spoke, his voice a cackle Snow White grew in fear.

The man he spoke evil words into Snow White’s ears.

“You are cursed by me for the fact that you are gay, Snow White is forever to be alone until old and gray. Alone forever everyday.”

Snow White grew a rage and started to say words he truly felt,

“I don’t know you, I will find true love someday, a love that’ll make me melt.”

Evil cloak looked him in the face,

“You are an abomination to this place.”

He grabbed Snow White laughed and said,

“This is for everybody’s sake.”

He pushed Snow White with a hard shove and he fell into the lake.

Cloak man left and Snow White’s body began to grow paler and numb.

Could not feel his face, his arms, his hands, not even his own bum.

Snow White could feel the colder grow, the cold it did creep.

Snow White decided to close his eyes and go to sleep.


The Prince arrived some time at dawn.

He looked around, jumping off the horse he was on.

He saw a lump lay at the edge of the lake.

When the Prince realized who it was his heart began to quake.

The fear it rushed up his spine and every crevasse in between.

He looked down at the man whose eyes were closed, eyes that are grass-green.

The black hair was covered in frost and his snowy white skin pale.

The Prince began to cry hot wet tears for he felt he had felt he failed.

He held Snow White in his arms and cried many tears.

The man he knew he truly loved he found after all these years.

The Prince got his grip and kiss frosted lips, the Prince grew in awe.

As soon as his lips touch frosted lips, Snow White began to thaw.

Snow White opened eyes and to his surprise the Prince was looking down at him.

Snow White couldn’t help his joy and he started to grin.

He found the man who was going to take him and his seven sisters away,

A man he loves forever in all his heart in every single way.

From that day forward they lived in their castle not carrying what people say.

They lived happily ever after, far, far away.

In the story you were told there was a poison apple and a witch?

That’s a ridiculous story, that joke is very rich.

The moral of the story is that true love can thaw a frozen heart and take away your woes,

so that is how the true love story actually goes.


© Donovan G. Ward



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I am attending college online with Grand Canyon University (GCU) for an English Teaching degree for Secondary Education. The first question I was asked when I made the decision to embark on this journey to be a teacher was, "Why do you want to be a teacher?" My response: "It is not for the money." Regardless, I am looking forward to being a teacher and am on this blog as part of a college course. I have written (never published) books and poetry of all kinds and have a love for writing in general. I have never done a blog before so we will see how this goes. Let's do this!

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