Stuff About Me

Hello all, my name is Donovan.


Yep, call me by my name. Say it… SAY IT DAMN YOU! Anyways… more about me…
Currently I am both working full time and attending college online with Grand Canyon University (GCU) for an English Teaching degree for Secondary Education. Yep… I am going to be a teacher. My family thinks I am crazy.
You’re welcome.
When I made the decision to embark on this journey toward becoming a teacher the first question I was asked was, “Why do you want to be a teacher?” My response: “It is not for the money.” Regardless of that, I have that young bright mentality that I want to make the world of teaching a better place and I want to be that source of good in the world. It’s definitely a dream of mine and I am most definitely looking forward to completing my teaching certification.
Exciting stuff!
If you want to know why I started this blog, well… I am on this blog as part of a college course that I am required to write blog posts relating to multicultural literature where I have to read several stories and analyze those story themes. With that being said, that does not mean that this blog won’t become something more. I am thinking once this class is over I will add my poetry and story writings as well. I have written (never published) books and poetry of all kinds and have a great love for writing in general. I have never done a blog before so we will see how this goes. Let’s do this!

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